August 2019


STEM&Buds is hosting two free summer camps for students, grades 6-8 within both the city of Pittsburgh and those who live in Allegheny County. This week-long experience provides all students the opportunity to delve deeper with more experiments, research, individualized learning into each area of STEM while collaborating with a high school mentor. These camps aim to not only help students find areas they love but also, give any interested students possible STEM-related opportunities to pursue in the future.


Thanks to our sponsors, all our camps are free!

University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning
9:00AM to 3:00 PM

North Allegheny Senior High School
9:00AM to 3:00PM

Currently, both of our camps are full. Please visit this page for future camps and annoncements.

What We Cover

Engineering: This area will be focused on brainstorming, designing, sketching, and even creating innovations along with how current issues can be solved using this field.

Social Sciences: This area will be focused on the geography of the world.
Computer Science:This area will be focused on basic coding utilizing Python, how video games that many students play are created, along with the applications of CS within Artificial Intelligence.
Mathematics: This area will be focused on problem solving with plentiful brain teasers, collaboration, and applications of mathematics in all fields of STEM.
Biology: This area will be focused on modern biological advancements, treatment of major diseases, and ecology in the modern world.
Chemistry: This area will be focused on tiny reactions and the large impact they create on people’s lives, the universality and applicability of this field, along with some fun yet important experiments.